Monday, December 7, 2009

Exhibition images (pt.2)

More images of the exhibition and opening show courtesy of Kristos Giourgas and CissyB

Trim, who features in one of the wrapping paper designs, Laurie, Sophia Augusta's friend, and Cissy, Frinton Press.

Laurie pointing to his favourite design, Sophie Augusta's Dancers.

Greg Terry pointing to his own design.

A spectator who was blown away by the prints. James Daw's origami birds was her favourite.

And this is James Daw pointing to his origami birds.

Mel Castrillon and friends.

Will Sandy and his tile.

Melissa and her tile.

If you have any more photos of the evening please do send them to


  1. Do you have any left , I'd love to buy some!

  2. these are lovely! where is your store?

  3. Unfortunately these sold out fast. You can pre-order the next set if you like. I will be posting information soon on this so keep in touch!