Monday, March 29, 2010

a wee tip

We thought we might give you a little tip as we've been having a lot of submissions that are really great but that we may be unable to use.

To make a tile that is tessalated please make sure that the pattern on the right joins up with the pattern on the left and the pattern on the top joins up with the pattern on the bottom without their being a detectable break. Here are some examples:

copyright: Melissa Castrillon copyright: Jake Blanchard

It's quite hard to do this and very clever if you can manage to do it as well as Jake and Melissa but there are many websites out there to help and guide.

If you send a picture that does not join up, for example like this:
copyright: Thereza Rowe

then that's ok but it would have to be exceptionally great as we'd prefer a design that repeats as Mel and Jake's does.

This will sadly not tesselate, see:

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