Thursday, August 19, 2010


Before going away on holiday Frinton Press asked two illustrators to have a conversation together.

One was Soju Tanaka, our current intern and a recent Camberwell Illustration graduate with a bountiful bag of cute, happy creatures and colourful animals. The other was Ben Phillips, another London based illustrator, known better for his scratchy inks of batman, skeletons and dark characters.

We gave Soju the colour blue and the theme PREY while Ben was orange and PREDATOR.

Soju then emailed Ben with a 'prey' image and Ben replied by drawing over it a 'predator' image. Ben then emailed Soju with a 'predator' image and Soju replied by illustrating a 'prey' image on top of it. And so the conversation went on until 6 artworks had developed.

Below are the results of the conversation we found in our inbox when we returned from the sun. Those guys are two powerhouses picture makers and the result was beyond anything we could have hoped for.

The artworks will be made into large postcards and sold in various shops, art galleries and through Frinton Press shortly. Please get in touch ( if you're interested in either buying a pack or selling them in your shop.

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  1. Frinton Press's dad writes:

    I liked the conversations idea. The results are rather disturbing. The first predator looks like a Mennonite or some kind of religious extremist,. I liked that.

    Here are some idea for more conversations:
    A modernist and a traditionalist
    Macho big bro and sister femina
    Anarchy meets Order
    Eco Freako meets Fossie Fuella-de-Ville

    XX Papa