Monday, February 21, 2011


Anyone and everyone is invited to send in entries for a 10 x 10cm repeating tile to be used guessed it.... our 2011 wrapping paper.

This time though we're going one step further. Each sheet will be a collaboration between two artists, one in black and the other in white on brown kraft paper.

We won’t judge you based on your experience, qualifications, location or age, so long as it’s in by midnight on March 27th and fits the rules outlined below.

The chosen artwork will then be sent out again to another artist to illustrate a 20 x 20cm repeating tile to be printed on top of the first by April 15th.

The second artist will be chosen by us according simply to who style we dig. Each entrant will therefore have two opportunities, either to be the first artist or the second.

This project will give you the chance to collaborate with artists outside of your usual network and see your work interpreted in new ways. Artists must be prepared to see their designs combined with another artist’s design. We will pay careful attention to give each artist equally centre stage.

Read Oh Comely Magazine’s interview with our two Conversation Project artists to be inspired about the benefits of collaborative projects in our press section.

The chosen designs will be judged on their ability to tessellate, stick to the rules outlined below and be a tip top rad design.

As a tip we’re not too hyped on swirls and hearts. Go to our website and have a scoot through our blog to see previously chosen artworks.

Frinton Press is grateful to IdeasTap for providing funding through its IdeasFund for this project.


Name your file with your name separated by an underscore e.g.Jason_Donovan.jpg -if you don't do this, we won't look at it, or might not, depending on the weather.

Email your artwork by midnight Sunday 27th March 2011 with the subject line 'WP11' to Cecily Baillie, frintonpress [at] gmail [dot] com
Please mention where you read this brief.


Size : 10x10cm
Linework : Hand drawn or computer generated lines must be a minimum of 0.75 point.
Fonts : If there is any type involved, it should be no smaller then 10pt (dependant on the typeface). Please make sure that all fonts used in your design are converted to outline / flattened or embedded into artwork.
Photographic image : If your artwork contains photographic images (and you want your print to look like a photo) you will need to convert it to halftone.
Colour : Please send your image in black and white. No grey, no mid-tones, as they won't print.
Format : You can send your image in one of the following file formats: Jpeg, Tiff, Pdf, Psd , Ai, Eps (Non vector images need to be min 300dpi)


  1. Hi! Quick question, is it ok to submit more than one image? Got quite enthusiastic and did two different ones!

    Raquel Figueira