Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Josephine Kibuka V. Patrick Savile

Josephine Kibuka in white Vs. Patrick Savile in black

Josephine Kibuka:
My name is Josephine Kibuka originally from Dagenham, and a recent graphic arts graduate from Bucks New Uni. My specialisms lie in illustration and ideas. Its hard to define my illustration style as I simply pick up my pen and draw and see what comes out. Many however have described my style as an intense doodle, as my pieces are often an amulganation of abstract shapes lines and sometimes my main inspiration for them come from patterns and shapes, which I see in almost everything. The piece I submitted came out of wanting to try something new, so instead of going straight to pen and paper, I opted for the photoshop line tool to create a geometric style pattern.

Patrick Savile:
Patrick Savile is an interplanetary bounty hunter, constantly cruising the galaxy for the next big payload.

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