Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lydia Shirreff Vs. Simone Webb

Lydia Shirreff in white Vs. Simone Webb in black

Lydia Shirreff:
I draw to explore; ideas, diagrams and theories are my fruits and the drawings are my salad. Last year I graduated with a BA in Fine Art and have since been trying to do whatever I can to do what I love - to learn and to share all the tiny things that I find profound. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, the system of the world, and idle bits and pieces that I find interesting like dioramas and astronomy. My design for Frinton Press is a perfect example. Give me a fineliner and a geography book and I'll be happy for hours....

Simone Webb:
I'm an Illustrator and Designer working across a range of disciplines, varying on the project and desired outcome.
The piece I submitted is a representation of a natural occurring form using ephemeral materials combined with synthetic constituents to produce an unpredictable outcome.

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